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Nicky's and Vicky's birthday

Good Day, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff from Wacky Warehouse Play Cafe for the wonderful birthday party you organised for my daughters - Nicole and Victoria.
It was obvious to all who attended that you put a lot of hard work, time and effort into organising this event and ensured that our little guests as well as the adults had a wonderful time. Your staff was very friendly and always happy to help. The service was exceptional and the food delicious. Thank you again for all you did to coordinate Nicky's and Vicky's birthday.

Best whishes, Olimpia

To the management & all the staff at Wacky Warehouse, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for making our son's 2nd birthday a fun and memorable party on 15th August.
We had Maria as our host and she was great to deal with. The service was excellent - everyone I dealt with was friendly and always happy to help. The food was great too! Good service is sometimes unnoticed and people are quick to judge on the bad.
I have recommended Wacky Warehouse to my friends and family as we loved it! Thanks again for everything, everyone had a great time. Keep up the brilliant work. Kind regards

Narelle, Ben and Jacob Hawkes " 


I just wanted to express my joy and gratitude in the changes that have been made to (as my 2 year old calls it) 'Wacky Whack House'. We have always been met by helpful and cheerful staff ever since the doors first opened, specifically the same faces we've seen since around that time.The emphasis on child safety has been duly noted.
Firstly, limiting the age of entry to 10 was a great decision, giving youths a safe play area away from older, rougher children.
Secondly, barring adults from the ball crawl is also a warmly welcomed decision (although I do miss playing with my kids in there during slow moments of play).
Thirdly, the recently renovated kids zone' was a great upgrade, leaving it's lack lustre predecessor behind. Lastly. we were impressed with the food presentation. The fruit and salad plate left an impression on both myself and my children.
There are no doubt other changes I haven't noticed yet I'm sure the positive nature of these follow suit with the ones I have.
It is all truly commendable.

Jesse Donnarumma"