Theme party at Wacky warehouse


This is where all the action happens..... presents, party food and best of all, birthday cake! Our themed party rooms have been professionally painted to give your party a great atmosphere. The children really enjoy getting together to have fun and enjoy the party. We allocate tables outside of the party rooms for the adult guests to catch up and relax with a coffee. Choose a Wacky, Deluxe or VIP party package to create your special day. The sessions are 1.5 hours of delicious food and wacky fun.


Castle birthday party room Every child wishes to be the king or queen of the castle. You can party away in the top of the tower as the fire breathing dragons fly past the castle. . A great dress up theme for children, princesses or knights in shining armour, it adds extra fun to the party
Capacity: 13 kids


Jungle birthday party room A wild time can be had by all the children in the jungle room. It comes alive with swinging monkeys, slithering snakes and a majestic lion. An elephant or giraffe birthday cake makes the perfect addition to this party room

Capacity: 25 kids


Ocean birthday party room Your child will have a swimmingly good time partying in our Ocean themed party room. Decorated with brightly coloured starfish, dolphins & turtles….and at the bottom of the ocean there’s even a treasure chest full of gold!

Capacity: 30 kids

 The Themed parties include:

  • Admission for each child (minimum of 10 children)
  • Private themed party room for 1.5 hours
  • Reserved adults table for 1.5 hours
  • Special party throne for the birthday child
  • Dedicated party host
  • "Wacky Warehouse Beach Ball" for the birthday child
  • Water and cordial through the allocated party time
  • 2 food choices from the kids party menu (extra food selection is $2 per child)
  • Party invitations
  • A free return pass for the birthday child (2 free return passes with the VIP package)

The options are:

  • Wacky package$19 per child. You can bring your own cake (a $5 fee applies)
  • Deluxe package, +$4 ($23 per child)
  • VIP package +$10 ($29 per child)