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Every child’s birthday party starts with the invitations. When planning the party, obviously the first thing you need to do is decide how many guests will be attending - and often the age of your child determines the number.


kids-birthday-invitationsWhile there’s no real rule as to when you should send your invitations, you’ll need to make sure that the date you’ve chosen for the party doesn’t potentially conflict with other events that could be happening around this time. For example, school holidays often mean that many of your child’s friends are away, or sporting events might prevent friends from attending. A reasonable amount of time to send out invites would be 4 weeks. Any further away from the party date runs the risk people forgetting. Any closer, and you may find that people have already made other plans.dy made other plans.


Many parents choose to send out invitations via email. If you decide to do it this way, there are plenty of online websites to help you create a fun invite which you can customise with photos or images. Create your invitations online and print them out. If you don’t have time, or lack the creativity, and are having a themed party, you can have a printer make up professional invitations to your specifications.

Invitations for all Occasions is a wonderful site with stunning ideas for invitations. This local business has been supplying creative merchandise for over 10 years, and they stock more than 640 different paper designs, and have the option for you to make the invitations yourself or have them made.

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