Kids birthday cakes

The centrepiece of every child’s birthday party would have to be the birthday cake! It’s that special finishing touch that delights everyone and focuses all the attention on the birthday boy or girl.


Many parents like to bake the birthday cake and decorate it themselves. But if you’re not too confident about your baking and creative skills, there are plenty of options to have a professional design a cake to fit a themed party, or even order a ready made one.




Here are a few of the companies in and around Adelaide who can design a cake to your specifications.

The Bub Hub has a listing of food caterers and birthday cake makers in and around Adelaide


There are endless ideas and recipes, limited only by your imagination. For some simples ideas, why not try making an owl, shark, snake, penguin, monkey or koala or any number of different animals. Here are a few different recipes and instructions.

Another great idea is to create several iced cupcakes instead of just one larger cake.
If your budget doesn’t allow for a professionally designed cake, or you feel that you don’t have the time or expertise to make one, the easiest option is to go to your local bakery or patisserie and pick a cake that has been pre-made and ask to have your child’s name piped on it. Some bakeries can also make a cake with your child’s photograph or any image as a topper.


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