Math games for kids

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Which are the best math games for your kid

Math games for kids

For many children, Maths can be a really difficult and daunting subject. As parents, it's really challenging to get and keep them interested. Math games could be the solution, as turning maths into a game is a way to make it interactive and fun, as opposed to sitting down and repeatedly practising. At Wacky Warehouse, we spend lots of time incorporating learning games into our schedule, making play time educational.

Card games like UNO and 'Snap' are really good for improving counting skills, and for helping children get better at identifying patterns. The great thing is, the cost is minimal for a pack of cards. You could even go a bit crazy and create your own as part of a craft afternoon.

Board games like monopoly can help kids with addition and subtraction. There are also different levels of monopoly, including a scaled down version for younger kids. Another idea is to get your children to count out the money, whenever you go to the store or supermarket. A piggy bank and pocket money system is another way to do it. Children will sit down for hours counting out money, providing that the money is theirs.

If you're not against online, there are plenty of cool math games available on the Internet. You can print out cards, board games, or actually help your child do math challenges, and proceed through the levels as they improve. Most math games use bright colours and cute characters to improve engagement so look for something that is going to stick. Try and stick to a site that is close to your child's own level of learning. Ask you child's school or teacher to see if they have any suggestions for sites that are reputable, and will actually help.

When it comes to math games, if you're stuck for ideas, there is plenty of inspiration to be found online, from their teachers, schools and from other mums.


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