Cooking games for kids

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Which are the best Cooking games

Cooking games for kids

Which are the best Cooking games

Most children are picky eaters. A creative way to overcome this is to have them help make food. By doing cooking games children get to have a part in the making of their food. The majority of children will eat what they make ( - If not I will suggest to visit the site here and do something by yourself). Cooking games are discussed further in this article. They will have an experience in the kitchen they will not forget!

Heritage Cooking

Cooking from the country you originate from cannot only involve your children in making food, but also learning where they came from. If you are Italian, have your children make homemade pizzas! Know what you want to make in advance so they can even go shopping with you! If you are from Mexico (and if you are not), burritos or tacos are always fun to make too! If you don't have fun foods to make from your country, make it a dedication to a country dinner night and choose one of those.

Television Cooking

This game is geared toward older children. In this game you can choose five ingredients and tell them they have to choose a dessert or entree to make with those ingredients, like a TV show! You and the other parent or siblings can be the judge! Be ready for a mess, especially if they are on a timer! This game can be fun for a playgroup or sleepover as well!

Storybook Cooking

This game is for our young readers. This game is also good for a playgroup. Many nursery rhymes come to mind with this cooking game. With this game, you choose a book and make the food that is featured. "If You Give A Moose A Muffin", is popular book with young readers.  You can make simple ingredient muffins with your child and feature them before reading the book. This is a nice bedtime game you can do as well. If you like healthy muffins for a snack make them, cuddle up with your muffins, and read.

Bar Cooking

Children enjoy this game because they can be as creative as they want. This is a game for all ages; even the adults may get involved. You can choose many different kinds of bars. Set up nuts, chocolate syrup, various candy toppings, various fruit toppings and set out ice cream! You can make your own ice cream sundae at the ice cream bar! Experiment with yogurt, breakfast foods, and more!


These are games for all different ages. Use them to have your children use cooking in a positive way everyday! If the child has the control in the kitchen pickiness will soon fade. Have fun with cooking, but be ready for a mess!