Baby names

on Thursday, 16 February 2017. Posted in A blog about kids

Naming your Baby

Baby names

At Wacky Warehouse, we see a lot of pregnant mums going through the difficult process of choosing their future baby name. Here are our top tips to help you pick the right name for your baby.

Why it's Important to get it Right
Choosing your baby's name is one of the best parts of the entire pregnancy experience. Most couples spend hours and hours researching and exploring the thousands of name options, only to change their minds at least ten times. Your baby's name is very important, as it sticks with them their whole lives, so the process shouldn't be taken lightly.

Choose Something Meaningful
The best names all start with a really good story, whether it be for a person, a business or a pet. Give your child something to talk about. Perhaps the name belonged to another family member? Maybe it was inspired by an important person or figure in your lives? Maybe it relates to a really special memory you have? The last thing your child wants to hear is that little thought went into choosing their name.

Choose Something Lasting
Names, like clothes, do date, so try and future-proof your name choice by predicting trends. Look at your grandparents' generation for example; how many of the popular names of their time are still current today? Also consider the connotations for your child before you decide to name them after a celebrity or a piece of fruit. They probably won't thank you for it, down the track, when their friends tease them for it.

Don't Listen to Other People's Opinions
What you name your baby is a very personal choice, so don't listen to the opinions of other people. Not everyone will like or agree with your decision, and you need to be prepared for that. But don't take any notice. As long as you and your partner are happy with your decision, nothing else matters. Your child will pick up on what you think and feel, before they pay attention to what anyone else has to say!


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