Frequently asked questions 

Frequently asked Questions 

Find here the most commonly asked questions

Q: I want to make a booking but I don’t know how many children to book a party for?

A: We ask at the time of booking to book for the maximum number of children you intend to invite. The number of children can be reduced if needed right up until the day prior to your party.

Q: I know some of the children have intolerances to foods, can you help with this?

A: Yes we can, we have a full ingredient list of kids party foods and options to cater for this situation.

Q: I want to cater for the adult guests, how can I do this during a children’s party?

A: We offer a variety of platters to choose from which cater for adults with a sweet or savoury tooth! Our coffee is a premium brand and very popular with party guests at any time of the day.

Q: What if I need to change the date or time of my party after it has been booked?

A: Please contact us as soon as you are aware and we will do our best to accommodate another time and/or day if available. We will happily change the time of your party on the same day if there is another time available. We require a minimum of two weeks notice to be able to change the date of your party booking.

Q: What if a child arrives to my party and they are not on the guest list?

A: Our party staff will let you know that a child has arrived and at your request include them in the party.